Disney World Vlogs 2017 | Day One – Travel Day and Art of Animation

Hello and welcome to my August 2017 Disney World Vlogs! These will be uploaded weekly 6pm every Sunday. I was lucky enough to be able to stay in one of …

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14 thoughts on “Disney World Vlogs 2017 | Day One – Travel Day and Art of Animation

  1. Kelisity

    SCON CREAM AND THEN JAM!! I completely understand that I am Cornish so this is betrayal, but I cant stand jam at the bottom!! I really enjoyed this Lorna and Ellie and I cannot wait to see your future adventures! xx

  2. candikane212

    omg i been waiting for these vlogs yay! such a beautiful hotel too id definitely choose little mermaid too 🙂 i have to agree i usually do my scones with jam then the cream as i love the cream so always want that to be the bigger taste if that makes sence lol. cant wait for the others! x

  3. Annelies Thuwis

    I'm from Belgium, so I'm sorry, I can't help out with the whole scone-discussion :p BUT OMG THAT HOTEL!!! 😮 I'd love to stay there too someday… just keep saving, just keep saving, ….. Looking forward to the rest! (and your face when you saw Simba haha)

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